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27/03/2017: Last weekend and the days before we saw our website and email going down due to technical problems of our previous provider. As of today all services should be back to normal with our new provider. Pls be aware and remember do contact Wesley maternity service in emergencies if you can not get us on the phone. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

02/04/2016: The ultrasound equipment has been updated to a brand new scanner with state of the art 3D and 4D imaging technology. Of course - as a courtesy - images can be given to our patients after a pregancy scan.

15/04/2016: Similar as last year our group of obstetricians have successfully joined the Cherish Foundation's organised ovarian cancer fundraiser. We competed at the beach volleyball 'battle' under our team name: WoW - Womens of Wesley. Highly recommended for the pure fun of it!

07/05/2014: We made some adjustments to our website. I would also like to suggest this very personal story about childbirth and life from one of our staff: HERE

01/03/2014: Dr Lee is excited to announce she is now an accredited team member of Monash IVF.  IVF has always played a major role in Dr Lee’s research work and early years of training, and she is excited to be able to offer this option to her patients.  Please contact our receptionists for further information.

28/0602013: We recently started our first practice audit. The response was fantastic and we want to thank everybody who participated. Special thanks go to Kim, one of our secretaries who planned and conducted the survey. CLICK HERE to see the summary.

17/06/2013: After the legionella exacerbation work at our practice was difficult. In the interim babies had to be delivered at the Mater Hospital. Theater list still remains unchanged and hopefully normality will take place in the next few days. We heartly thank all our staff and especially our patients for their patience.

01/06/2013: Our first practice audit has returned and we will proudly report here in near future.

16/01/2013: Christmas is not too far away but the start into this new year has been busy with several children born over the holidays - which is always good for birthday parties in all the years coming! Congratulations! Our team is ready to welcome the new year with excitement and devotion for our clients.

16/11/2012: We will start to confirm appointments via SMS. Private health funds are now billed electronically for obstetrics. We welcome Kim, our new secretary. She started in October and replaces Susan, who helped us to build up this service. Enjoy your retirement, Susan! Our team has already grown to the vital backbone of this practice. Hopefully, you, our clients, can perceived our positive excitement as well.

25/09/2012: We plan to utilise the walls in our rooms as a picture exhibition. Various artists might exhibit their graphics and paintings. The pictures can be purchased but you need to contact the artist. We will not participate in this business other than only displaying their work - see: Artists Bio and Infos

18/09/2012: See the "Making of": Slideshow